His First Letter Home!

It’s a form letter, mind you, but he signed and addressed it. I had no idea how exciting it would be just to see his handwriting.

The form letter said that he arrived safely and listed the (many) things that his family and friends should not send.

His Senior Drill Instructor (SDI) also sent a form letter. Basically it said that he’s in good hands, it’ll be tough, but we’ll take care of him. He described the three phases of training. In Phase 1, they do physical training and learn close order drill, water survival, and an intro to military life. Phase 2 is marksmanship and field skills. (MCRD, being smack in the middle of San Diego, is unsuitable for said training, so they go to nearby Camp Pendleton.) Phase 3 (back at MCRD) includes final exams in a variety of areas and the Crucible. The  SDI also encouraged lots of positive letters to help with morale.

The SDI’s letter said Sean would be allowed to write every day, although I doubt he’ll have the time. At least he knew how to address a letter, put a stamp on it, and send it. These days, not all 25-year-olds know how to do that. (He asked me once how many extra stamps a letter to Alaska needed. 🙂

I’m hoping we’ll get his first handwritten letter next week (while I’m away at Disney). Bruce has strict instructions to scan it and email it to me.

Every hour of every day, I think of him and how he’s doing. I know there will be some tough times, but I also know he is more than capable of sticking this out.

–Mighty Marine Mom


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