A Parent’s Job is to Encourage

After receiving three letters in quick succession last week, I had to wait nearly a week for the next one. I was pretty down today, missing him a lot, so I was thrilled to find a letter in the mailbox.

He’s still discouraged but hanging in there. He keeps apologizing for “venting;” our letters encouraging him to do so apparently haven’t reached him yet. He said, “there is no one here to vent to.” Well, of course not. We are perfectly happy to serve as his “letting off steam” outlet. We continue to be encouraging (we hope) in our letters to him.

It’s hard to know that your child is struggling, and that the only thing you can do is write letters (which take several days to get to him) and to send positive thoughts and prayers his way. I knew it would be tough; I just wish I could give him a huge hug. (Which is the point of all this…to get them to the point of being able to operate without such encouragement.)

He has been fired (again) as squad leader but remains prayer leader and scribe. I get the impression that the DIs rotate the squad leader position (at least at first) to see who is suited best to it. But I could be totally wrong.

He enjoyed the bayonet obstacle course, and he said that the martial arts program “continues to be hard but fun.” I am thrilled to see “fun” in one of his letters. I knew he would enjoy the martial arts.

He has less than a week to go in phase 1 (see earlier post), after which I’m hoping things will become a little easier. Still hard, but maybe past the worst. He’ll finally get to learn how to fire his rifle, and they’ll start field training, both of which he will enjoy.

I sometimes wonder how I will get through the next ten weeks, but I know I will. Having amazing family and friends (and this blog outlet) certainly helps.

–Mighty Marine Mom


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