Hovering Over the Mailbox

I think the last time I hovered over the mailbox this attentively was when I was expecting college acceptance letters….for me, not for Sean. So that’s a while back. We usually check mail when we walk the dog (our mailbox is in one of those stupid centralized delivery units); for now, I run down there early afternoon, after the postman arrives.

We received his next letter today. I cannot begin to describe what a thrill it is when one arrives. I know he doesn’t have a lot of time to write (which he confirms in the current letter), but I find it difficult to have patience until the next one arrives.

(Photo note: we tried, we really tried, to teach him to cook, unfortunately without much result.)

I am happy to report that his tone sounds much better this time. It’s still tough going (especially the physical training), but he sounded more positive. This is the second letter where he raved about the food. I am sure they’re getting lots of proteins and carbs to fuel all that physical activity. We’ll need to have a chat afterwards about either a) keeping up with the exercise or b) cutting down on calories. But that’s later.

Another “warm my heart” sentence: “I can’t tell you how much better I feel after reading your last 4 letters and a couple of others.” I’m writing him every day, even if there’s nothing really to say, just so he has something to look forward to (mail call). I’ve also encouraged family and friends to write him as much as possible. The good news: his letters are only taking 2-3 days to get here. I’m hopeful that ours aren’t taking too much longer, but there’s no way to know. (I do know he’s getting them; he’s answering questions I’ve asked.)

By now he has had his first Senior DI inspection, which involves inspection of weapon/uniform and an oral quiz. This week includes his swim test and his first PT test, which worries him a bit. He has also received his military ID. He is pretty good at drill (marching without a weapon), which isn’t surprising given his marching band background.

Another sentence to make a Mom smile: “PT is still tough but I think I’m getter better.” That’s the first positive thing he has said about PT.

Phase II of training starts this week, and I’m hopeful that the schedule will relax just a wee bit so he has more time to write/read. In the meantime, I will practice my “patience” skills.

–Mighty Marine Mom


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