What Warms A Mom’s Heart: Getting Two Letters!

Even though I knew chances of another letter were poor, given that he lamented having so little time in the last one, I wasn’t expecting much in the mailbox today. I just about fell over (then floated away) when I found TWO!

Each letter sounds a little more positive than the last. This time, he said that things are still “rough but good.” He’s still scribe and prayer leader for his squad.

He will probably still suffer some setbacks, but I am very encouraged that each letter is sounds a little bit better. I’m also pleased that the DIs are granting them a bit more free time, now that they’re moving out of phase 1 of training and into phase 2.

I was confused by his letters, which indicated “S-3” meaning third Sunday. According to the calendar I had, it was fourth Sunday. I studied it carefully and realized that I had started the count too soon, and now I’m back on track with him. The calendar I’m using is for Parris Island (in South Carolina) and is not exactly the same. (For example, since they have to travel to Camp Pendleton, they compress field training and the two weeks of marksmanship into three consectutive weeks.) It doesn’t have to be exact, as long as I have a general idea of what he’s doing.

I have decided to get a red/yellow (Marine Corps colors) outfit for graduation. I got my very cute hat in the mail today, and Nordstrom’s has some cute shoes, but I’m finding the bits in the middle more difficult. Ideally I’d like a red sundress with yellow highlights, but I haven’t found it yet. I’ve got a bit of time, though.

We are baffled by the fact that he is not receiving Bruce’s letters. He has written several times, and I have been mailing them, so it’s a bit of a mystery. Hopefully they will catch up with him soon.

I miss him still, of course, but getting letters helps so much.

–Mighty Marine Mom


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