I Can Breathe Again: He Passed!

We didn’t receive a letter yesterday, and it took the wind right out of my sails. Either he didn’t have time to write on Friday, or the mail was delayed. So I had to face another 24 hours of not knowing if he passed his physical fitness test.

I was so desperate for news that I went down to our mailbox early today. Imagine my joy at finding two letters in the box! I was actually encouraged just seeing the envelopes; his return address had not changed (and it would have if he had not passed).

He wasn’t able to write until Sunday, but he did pass the test! To say that we are relieved is a colossal understatement. There will be other tests and challenges, but at least this one is behind him. The PT test was the one he was most worried about for months now.

I’m glad he feels like he can write about how discouraged he is. Mail call has apparently been a huge lifeline, and they haven’t received mail for three days now. At least he’ll have a huge pile when it starts up again.

I am finding that writing him letters every day really helps me cope. I know he enjoys them (even if they have silly, inane news about road construction and no rain), and it helps me feel that I’m in touch with him, even if I can’t give him a hug.

One week from today, he will be halfway through. We won’t make flight arrangements for a few more weeks; we found out that they don’t recommend making flight reservations until week 10, and this is just week 6.

I’m looking forward to finding out what he thinks about firing an M-16.  

–Mighty Marine Mom


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