So I’m Not So Good at Patience

Still waiting for the next letter. I’m sure they have even less free time than normal, now that rifle training has begun. And the holiday no doubt disrupted mail a bit. Still, I was disappointed not to find anything in the mailbox today.

I am learning that patience is not one of my virtues. I know in my heart that he has little time, and that he will write whenever he possibly can. But this being my only contact with him… really bums me out when there’s no letter. This is the longest we’ve gone without hearing from him since the first week and a half.

The good news: he’s officially halfway through today! (89 days total; today is day 45. Yes, I counted.) I am hopeful that having more days behind him than in front will be encouraging.

I continue to write him every day, and that helps. Today’s letter includes many logistical questions about our trip out there for graduation. (Who’s buying the plane tickets? Where will we meet him?) Starting to plan for the end alleviates the letter disappointment a bit.

The other thing that always brings me a smile is imagining seeing him for the first time on Family Day (the day before graduation). Our first glance will be the “run-by.” Each platoon runs by the bleachers (first one direction, then the other), and that will be our first glance. After lunch, he has five hours of on-base liberty. We are really looking forward to sitting down with him and getting all the details.

Send lots of “patience” vibes right now….I really need them!

–Mighty Marine Mom



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