The Latest Letter Home. Finally.

Turns out it was delayed because he messed up our zipcode. Hopefully that’s a one-time error.

As I surmised, they are keeping them very busy. And they haven’t received mail in a week. OK….I get the yelling, the physical exertion, all the testing, the whole thing. But why must they withhold mail??? Mail is the only outside lifeline these young men have, and it just seems cruel that they’re being denied that lifeline. Church helps, and a lot, but they still want to hear from home.

Found out we can order custom shirts for Family Day/graduation. Bruce actually ordered two; one for Family Day (the Thursday prior, when we first get to see him) and one for graduation day. I have a special outfit already put together for graduation. I’ll be more dressed-up than most, but ask me if I care. 🙂

We went ahead and purchased our plane tickets, much earlier than we expected. Turns out Southwest had an amazing deal on direct flights; those kind of deals don’t last long. And Southwest is pretty flexible (with a change fee of course) to make adjustments. Bruce sent Sean a copy of his plane ticket home; we’ve heard that’s a real morale-booster.

I have made myself a countdown calendar, and I peel a page off every morning. We’re down to below 40 days now! It also helps marking off the days on the training calendar. I was pleased to find out that he has made some friends in his platoon. I think we’ve even “met” one of the mom’s on the Marine Parents chat board. (This site is specifically set up for parents of recruits. It’s organized into specific platoons, so I know we’re talking to parents of the folks Sean is with.)

I have a terrific Facebook friend (we became friends in Germany) whose son Nicholas went through this same thing last year. (Sean and Nicholas were best buddies, although neither of them remember it.) She has been a great help when I get down or disappointed. Thanks, Diane!!

And of course the Tour de France is providing a lot of fun distraction. (Well, it’s fun when riders aren’t being thrown into barbed wire fences by vehicles. Geez.)

Just like I told Sean, there are more days behind than there are in front, and I find that very encouraging. I’ve made it 7 weeks, so I know I can make 6 more.

–Mighty Marine Mom


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  1. I’m not sure if you still receive comments on this since it is a year old but I must tell you how much reading this is helping me. My son left for MRCDSD on June 25th and my feelings snd thoughts seem to be very similar to yours, and I’m sure most moms. But when I read this about watching the TDF I just had to laugh as that is exactly what I’m doing. Thank you for writing this. I’m looking forward to continue the read to the most current.

  2. I *so* appreciate your feedback, and I’m delighted this is helping another mom! Does your son have his duty assignment yet?

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