Wow! A Two-Pager!

In the midst of an appalling amount of junk mail today, his standard small envelope lay buried. I am happy to report that last week’s zip code snafu was an aberration.

Every new letter that arrives gives me more confidence. Yes, the going is still tough, and he does get discouraged. But as a Mom, I’m really liking the tone of his letters. He is determined and finding strength in all the right places (in God, love of family and friends, and all the letters).

He may only be able to write once a week (on Sundays), and I’m OK with that. I’d love more, but I know they keep them pretty busy. Fortunately there are no more holidays between now and August 19 to mess with mail.

I cringed when he mentioned “land navigation” (early this week). Yikes. He got his Mimi’s sense of direction, which is to say, none at all. (Mimi was my late mother.) In high school, he and his friend Matt would get lost pulling out of the driveway. Maybe Sean will do OK if Matt’s not there. 🙂

His Pappy (my late father, an avid hunter) would be SO SO proud of him for qualifying as “sharpshooter.” We’re proud of him too. He hasn’t shot but a few times in his life, so I really wondered how he would do. Some of these kids were shooting before they were 5, I’m sure.

“In less than a month, I will be a Marine,” he said, and I’m sure that’s encouraging. Their final week (after they complete Crucible) is spent turning in gear and getting ready for graduation; there isn’t any more training.

And indeed, I did “meet” the mom of one of his platoon buddies on the Marine Parent chat board. As it turns out, they’re from Atlanta, TX (just south of Texarkana). Another parent is organizing a “meet and greet” for Wednesday evening before Family Day. This is apparently pretty common, and all the drill instructors are invited. Surprisingly, I am looking forward to meeting them.

37 days to do!

–Mighty Marine Mom


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