No Letter Yet, but Something Better…Hearing His Voice!

A bit disappointed in no letter today, but the afternoon improved things greatly.

Earlier today, I ignored three cell phone calls from the same unfamiliar number (I normally only answer calls from folks I know). Looked up the number….no information, although the area code was in California. Nope, I didn’t even realize it then, so little was I expecting a phone call. About half an hour later, Bruce texts and says, “Sean called. All OK. Paperwork questions.” This is the military after all.

Bruce said he sounded good. Monotone, but good. “There was probably a DI standing over him with a blunt object,” he said. No chat/conversation at all. Just get the information and be done. Sean couldn’t even respond to Bruce’s “I love you” at the end.

I was crushed that I missed hearing him. But after giving it more thought, I felt rather relieved. If I had picked up that call and heard his voice, I might have had a heart attack on the spot. Is he hurt??? Did  he wash out??? Bruce was concerned at first too, but Sean quickly told him all was OK.

During a meeting this afternooon, the 619 area code comes up again. I didn’t even excuse myself; just flew out the door. Turns out he needed more information, and called again!!! So I did get to hear him after all. I didn’t have the information he needed with me, so I got to talk to him again when I called back. The lance corporal who answered the phone told him, as she passed the phone, “Just get the information you need.” So he was very  matter-of-fact again. But this time, when I said “I love you” at the end, he managed a “you too.”

They’re in “team week” this week, during which they take care of medical matters, any tests needing to be retaken, and apparently, any deficiencies in necessary paperwork. In the meantime, the platoon is assigned various jobs (yard work, maintenance, etc) around the base.

I had no expectation whatsoever that I would get to talk with him before seeing him in 30 days. Needless to say, I am elated.

And it’s raining!!! What a day!

–Mighty Marine Mom


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