Two Letters Home from Our (Soon-To-Be) Marine

He goofed up our zip code (again) on a letter mailed back in June, so he enclosed it with one he wrote just before he called us earlier this week.

I must say….it warms my heart when I see smiley faces, words like “good” underlined, and lots of exclamation points. Every letter sounds better than the last one. And he’s now getting some rewards (such as being able to call home). This will make the remaining 27 days pass quickly.

Another blessing…I found out about the “high” obstacles after I already knew he passed them. Hopefully he won’t send any links for Crucible. 🙂

I’m excited about the platoon photos! They’ll be ready either next Friday or the Friday after. I went out to the site to see an example, so I know what to expect. I was afraid of a long-shot photo that we’d have to zoom into to have any chance of recognizing him (they’re all wearing the same uniform and haircut, after all). But instead of a photo, it’s a video, with a slow pan down each row of recruits! We’ll be able to see him for-sure. This will be our first look at him since he left.

I’m also relieved he passed his swim qualification. Envisioning him in a pool in full gear, trying not to go under, was not a pleasant mental vision for this mom.

His series commander (present at the confidence course) seems to have taken an interest in him and knows him by name.

As the days count down, I’m getting more and more excited about finally getting my hands on him. The summer has moved along more quickly than I feared, and I’m grateful.

–Mighty Marine Mom


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