Light at the End of the Tunnel

Many, many thanks to my friend Shauna for the spiffy new header!!

Earlier this week, I was missing him terribly. I was hoping for a letter on Tuesday, and when it didn’t arrive, my heart just sank. It’s odd…we’ve been separated for this long before, even long stretches when we had no communication for several weeks (not even letters). I guess this time is harder because I know he’s going through the most difficult time in his life, and I can’t help. But I suppose that’s the point of boot camp.

It always makes my day when I open the post box and find one of his letters. And this one was a two-pager!

I wish I could do more to encourage him; he’s beating himself up pretty thoroughly about his physical fitness (not to mention what the DIs are doing). As a mom, it’s frustrating that I can’t talk to him or email him with a pep talk. And he’s not having much time to read letters, either; those would at least help. He says he hasn’t changed much physically, but I tend to doubt that. We’ll see when they post the platoon video next Friday.

Poor kid has loathed needles his whole life. I knew they would probably give them lots of inoculations, but I had no idea how many. He’s learning how to deal with lots of hardships, even ones he didn’t expect.

We purchased a video cam and editing software so we can post videos for family and friends who can’t attend. (I figured I could also use it for my other blog.) I think Bruce may have created a monster; I am having way too much fun (and a good deal of frustration) with the video editing. Hopefully the instruction book arrives soon.

As the time gets closer and closer (20 days to go), I get more and more excited about seeing him. I hope I don’t drive Bruce (or any of you) crazy for the next three weeks.

–Mighty Marine Mom


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