Getting Down to the Wire

Although it makes me a bit sad to read “this might be my last letter,” I take consolation from the fact that this means it’s nearly over!! It was thoughful of him to warn us that this may be the last one.

(That’s Sean with his cousin Ryan at his recent college graduation. They’re more like brothers than cousins.)

I am so proud of him for perservering and making it through the summer…the toughest 13 weeks he has ever been through. I’m surprised that he has had so much trouble with the physical training (although Bruce correctly points out that he’s competing with young men who’ve been through years and years of athletics). I’m also surprised he shoots so well….must be in the genes. (My father was a lifelong hunter and a crack shot himself.)

His next two weeks sound simply insane. I could have done without knowing about the gas chamber test. He doesn’t sound particularly worried, though, and I knew it was on the schedule.

Every letter brings more smiley faces and exclamation marks, which tells me he’s not only OK, but doing well.

He asked about my Tour de France fantasy team. I plan to tell him in today’s letter that since a third of them were left broken and bloody by the side of the road, I placed in the bottom third of the competition (but thankfully not lanterne rouge, last place).

He is so thankful about all the letters that he plans to scrapbook them, as he did his letters from Chrysalis. Most of mine, in fact, really said nothing of consequence, but I guess they provided a pretty important encouragement/lifeline. And dat’s my job.

I have begun work on his graduation video (see July 29 post about Bruce having created a monster). It opens with a photo montage, accompanied by “I Can Only Imagine.” Makes me smile every time I watch it. And his platoon video will be posted to on Friday (1st Battalion, Company C, Platoon 1041). I cannot wait to see what he looks like!

I have no idea how I will react when I see him in 15 days. Not sure if it will be a long, quiet hug, or a blubber-fest.

And I keep exhorting him to prepare himself from this from-the-devil weather we’re having. He’s going to melt after 13 weeks of soaring highs of 74 degrees.

As I said in his blog, I want to personally thank each and every one of you for your support, thoughts, and prayers. Many of you are dear friends, and you always ask about him when I see you. Knowing that so many people care has helped the last 10 weeks go by faster than I expected. I just hope the next three don’t drag on too much. Thank you.

–Mighty Marine Mom


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