Marine Corps Times Mid-October News Summary

Some headlines from the 10 and 17 October issues of Marine Corps Times:

  • Some items featured at the recently completed Modern Day Marine expo included plastic ammo (significantly reducing weight), “high speed” boots (the lightest tactical boots ever, 30 oz), lightweight one-man tents (weighing 3 lbs and the size of a dinner plate), and a pack that can convert into a lightweight blanket and sleeping pad.
  • The Corps has issued a new “Marine Corps Social Media Handbook,” providing guidelines on how Marines can and should use social media. Operational security (OPSEC) figures prominently, of course, but so also does maintaining the reputation of the Corps. It instructs Marines to tell families (uh, hello me) to make vague posts like “My Marine will be home this summer” instead of giving a specific date when posting.
  • The new Marine Corps Installations Command will streamline management of installations across the service. Plans include standardizing permanent change of station moves and continued improvements to recreation centers and gyms.
  • Wichita Falls, TX (home of Sheppard AFB) has instituted a “Troops First” policy, wherein residents are encouraged to allow troops in uniform to jump to the front of the line, “the movie ticket line, the department store checkout lane, or the post office line.” Other cities (such as San Antonio!!!) have inquired about the program.

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