Marine Corps Times News, 24 October Edition

A few stories from the 24 October 2011 issue of Marine Corps Times:

Photo by Nathan Hanks Jr.

**The Corps has opened a survey to find out how Marines like to spend their leisure time. Visit by November 6.

  • **Next year, the Pentagon plans to reduce the cap on how much the military will pay for voluntary education. Currently, Marines may apply for up to $4,500/year with a $250/credit hour cap; one plan under discussion drops that to $3,500/year and $175/credit hour. “Those who select education programs that exceed the new limits could tap into their GI Bill benefits to make up the shortfall.”

**At a combat marksmanship symposium scheduled for October 24-28, the Corps will consider changes to its pistol and rifle marksmanship programs. For rifle, only changes to Table 3 and 4 are being considered. They will also consider permanently adopting optics from boot camp forward. This debate has raged for several years. Is it better to train with iron sights, only to be handed optics on active duty? Or is it better for a Marine to learn with iron sights, without relying on technology?

Photo by M.C. Nerl

**The Corps plans to deploy armed UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) to battle insurgents. The UAVs will drop laser-guided munitions on specific targets. But “the primary mission of the RQ-7B Shadow will remain the same—reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition.”

–Mighty Marine Mom


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