About a Month In!

Sean started his job and is enjoying Okinawa so far (except for the continuing inoculations and medical reviews). His unit will go on several exercises, both on-base and potentially other countries (such as Korea or the Philippines). He attended a tuition assistance briefing (for seminary, which he’d have to do online). Going off-base with friends is a favorite activity, for both worship (at Hansen Christian Center and Koza Baptist Church) and pleasure (I’ve seen photos from the local shopping area; see left).

We’ve Skyped a few times, usually late in his night or early in his morning, so he usually looks bleary. He does laundry late on weekend nights, because it’s the only time he can reliably get machines. Once he is medically cleared (from the umpteen shots), he plans to get scuba-certified. With all the World War II battles and wrecks, the diving is supposedly very good.

He ordered parts to build a super-PC for gaming (see right). Some of the parts were broken and had to be returned, so he’s still waiting to start. To say that he was frustrated would be an immense understatement.

As for the recent news announcement about Marines leaving Okinawa, details are short. One report said III MEF (Third Marine Expeditionary Force) would stay, another that they would leave. And there’s no timeline. If he does leave, it will be to Guam, Hawaii or Australia. My guess is nothing at all will happen for the next year at least.

Over the next few months, he’ll settle into his permanent job duties and rotations and do as much continuing education and professional military education as he can (good for promotions).

We want to visit, but he needs to get his schedule settled first. He also needs to find out the reliability of his leave schedule. The last thing we want is to book a big trip, then he gets deployed somewhere. That would really stink. Our current plan is to meet in Hawaii and take a cruise around the islands, but we’ll see.

He wanted desperately to get stationed overseas and is now living the “be careful what you wish for” adage. His grandmother suffered a stroke (happy to report she is recovering well so far), and he’s maddened that he can’t get here. But we’re keeping him up to date with texts and emails.

Semper Fi!!

–Mighty Marine Mom


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