State of the Corps

Marines participate in urban combat training in Australia (USMC photo by Cpl Jacob Barber)

This year’s Marine Corps Times (MCT) special report, “State of the Marine Corps,” features two issues of great interest to this Mighty Marine Mom. “On nearly every front,” said the lead article, “the state of the Marine Corps is in transition.”

  • Shift to the Asia/Pacific: I’ve already covered this, but it’s impossible to overstate the importance of this shift. After over ten years in the Middle East, the Corps (and the entire military) now shifts its focus to the next regional hotspot, the Asia/Pacific. Plans for Afghanistan continue to evolve, but fewer and fewer Marines will deploy there. Instead, Marines will go to the Asia/Pacific “to build partnerships.”

Marines will also prepare for disaster relief in a region where “about 70,000 people die…each year due to earthquakes, tsunamis, and other natural disasters.”

Training opportunities in the region will also increase. The Marines will send a second infantry company to Darwin, Australia, and they’re “forging new relationships with military powers like India,” the Philippines, Vietnam, and Cambodia.

No word yet on whether our Marine will visit any of these places. I know he would love to.

  • The Drawdown: “The service is a year into its gradual descent from an active-duty force of 202,100 Marines to 182,100,” said MCT.  Our Marine works in a high-demand, computer-related job, so I’m not too worried about his job security. But just like any business, a 10% reduction in force affects everyone, as they are asked to do more with less.

I also follow news on promotions and cutting scores…..but more on that next week.


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