So Who Is “Mighty Marine Mom”?

A former Air Force wife, I was thrust back into the military experience when my son Sean enlisted in the US Marine Corps. Started as a means to stay sane during boot camp, when only snail mail letters were permitted, I have continued the blog to chronicle my son’s career, his travels with the military, and my feelings about what he’s experiencing.

You might also want to check out , which is Sean’s blog based on his military experiences. I updated it during boot camp based on his letters home.

–“Mighty Marine Mom” Laura

  1. Laura,

    I just ran across your blog today. In reading all of the information, I noticed you mentioned you are from Denton. I am from Denton too!! My son is finishing up his last week of MCT at Pendleton. I have enjoyed reading about you and your son’s journey and can relate to a lot of your feelings. Just wanted to say hello and also thank your son for his service. Semper Fi

    Take care,


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